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Standzeit / Austausch

For optimum BORA X BO performance, the filter must be replaced regularly. Doing this doesn’t involve removing any screws or components, but simply lifting up the display flap on the front of the appliance.

A bar beneath the ‘filter change’ symbol shows how much time remains until the next odour filter change and notifies you when replacement is necessary.


Video instructions on how to replace the odour filter for X BO


1 x odour filter BORA X BO


Maße & Gewicht

Dimensions: 17,5 x 41,5 x 4,5 cm

Weight: 0,87 kg


The highly efficient activated charcoal filter permanently traps the odour particles that arise when baking and cooking. This neutralises all odours – even those from fish.


Enjoy fresh air and a clear view with automated steam extraction and odour filtration from BORA.

  • Full odour neutralisation
  • Simple filter changes
  • The filter is replaced on the front of the appliance
  • The symbol on the screen shows when the next odour filter change is due
  • The filter change frequency depends on how much the appliance is used

Fresh Air

Odours and grease particles are suctioned away precisely where they arise and are effectively filtered by the BORA filter.

Clear View

Nothing disturbs communication with guests and family in the kitchen living living area or steams up the glasses.

Simple operation

Intuitive, self-explanatory and sophisticated operating features make cooking an enjoyable experience.