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Standzeit / Austausch

This product must be replaced after a service life of 150 h / 1 year. Your BORA product will alert you to a necessary filter change by displaying an "F" symbol in the display area of the fan.


Video instructions for replacing the Basic activated carbon filter set:


1 x Activated carbon filter set (2 filters) for BORA Basic


Maße & Gewicht

Dimensions: 13,3 x 34,8 x 10,0 cm

Weight: 0,9 kg


For your BORA Basic cooktop extractor system to offer its usual effective extraction performance in recirculation mode and reliably filter odours, it is occasionally necessary to replace the activated charcoal filters.

The BORA activated charcoal filter set provides effective odour filtration, fresh ambient air when cooking and a better indoor climate. The filter set is compatible with BORA Basic and GP4 cooktop extractor systems. Order the BORA BAKFS activated charcoal filter set for the BORA Basic here.


The BORA BAKFS activated charcoal filter set effectively filters odours so you can cook like in the fresh air. Order the replacement BORA filter set here.

  • The BAKFS activated charcoal filter set is compatible with the BORA Basic and BORA GP4
  • Replace the activated charcoal filters after 150 operating hours or one year
  • Effective odour filtration provides constant fresh air when cooking
  • The activated charcoal filters bind odour particles
  • The BORA BAKFS activated charcoal filter set contains two activated charcoal filters, both of which must be replaced

Fresh Air

Odours and grease particles are suctioned away precisely where they arise and are effectively filtered by the BORA filter.


Clear View

Nothing disturbs communication with guests and family in the kitchen living living area or steams up the glasses.


Simple operation

Intuitive, self-explanatory and sophisticated operating features make cooking an enjoyable experience.