Accessories and spare parts for long-lasting BORA cooking experiences

With BORA accessories such as the BORA cookbooks and the BORA grill pan, you can enrich your cooking experience. You can ensure permanently fresh air with the right filters for your BORA cooktop extraction system or your BORA X BO steam oven. A new inlet nozzle adds variety and colorful accents to your kitchen.

Original BORA accessories and spare parts

To ensure that the BORA appliances in your kitchen living space function as dewy as on the first day, even after a long period of operation, you can buy original spare parts in the BORA online store. In addition, high-quality accessories such as the BORA grill pan, the induction wok pan and the tepan spatula are waiting for you.

BORA spare parts for a particularly long product lifetime

You want to provide that certain something in your kitchen with a colored inlet nozzle for your BORA Pure or S Pure or you need a new grease filter for your BORA appliance? You will find what you are looking for in the BORA online store.

Thanks to replacement filter always fresh air in your kitchen

Our hobbyhorse is the effective odor filtering by the BORA activated charcoal filter both for the cooktop extraction systems with recirculation system and for the BORA X BO. Living rooms and clothes smelling of food for days are a thing of the past thanks to our effective filters. Once the absorption capacity is reached, the odors can no longer be filtered and the extraction performance decreases. Regular filter replacement thus ensures long-lasting cooking pleasure.