With a service life of around 600 hours or three years, the three activated charcoal filters integrated into the air cleaning box offer effective odour elimination and thus a persistently pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen as a living space.

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1 x activated charcoal filter set



Dimensions: 45,2 x 15,0 x 50,8 cm

Weight: 3,0 kg


The BORA activated charcoal filter set comprises three activated charcoal filter cartridges, which must always be replaced at the same time. Subject to adherence with the filter change intervals, they will ensure constant fresh air when cooking. The activated charcoal filter binds odour particles.

BORA systems offer you perfectly aligned components from a single source – from the cooktop extractor through the filter to the wall sleeve.

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Air cleaning box 3 activated charcoal filter set

Compatible with
  • Suitable for all BORA modular systems: Professional 3.0, Professional 2.0 and Classic 2.0
  • Replace the activated charcoal filter after approx. 600 operating hours or 3 years
  • Effective odour filtration provides constant fresh air when cooking
  • The activated charcoal filter binds odour particles
  • Always replace all three activated charcoal filter cartridges at the same time

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Luftreinigungsbox 3 Aktivkohlefilterset
Air cleaning box 3 activated charcoal filter set